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Furniture of Your dream world: Here mn furniture provide you the platform where you can order a large variety of furniture you can order according to your requirement We have wardrobesSofaSofa Beds, etc, and a large number of other variants available. We are the only one who provides you the satisfied quality and as well fit into your budget because we always provide satisfactory pricing to our Customers.

Your Dream become Reality: Here we provide you the platform where your dreams become true because we offer your dream product at a very reasonable price value now we are back with another exciting product called as Maryland Sofa
Designing of the Product: The sofa is designed after doing much of the research or by exploring the customer demands.
Material: The sofa is made by professionals by using the quality material to provide you the excellent quality and make our customers happy with the end product. The main structure of the sofa is made from wood and we use the quality form for the seats with the fabric finish to provide you the Comfortable sitting
Detailing of the Product: We have a special department to work on the detailing of our entire products to provide you with a smooth finish. We use Chrome Legs to make it more rigid and stylish at the end
Sitting area: As previously described we use the quality form to provide you the comfortable sitting.
Sitting Capacity: Almost 3 to 5 people are sitting on the sofa at the same time (depending on the size of the sofa you have) We have different sizes and Color available you can order according to your requirement
• Size Available: 3+2 Sofa Set
• Color Available: Black and Grey / Beige and Brown
Dimension (Setter Sofa)
2 Setters
Width: 177 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 90 cm
3 Setters
Width: 200 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 90 cm
Why we Design this as Corner or setter sofa: We have noticed that most of the people prefer Corner one over the setter sofa to modify their home it can not only help you to modify your home but as well dominate your Room and on the other hand setter sofa is also still in practice some of the people still like setter sofa. By Keeping this in our mind we especially categorize it into two different variants Corner/Setter sofa to provide you with the vast selection.
Our Customer Service Team:  Our customer care teamwork 24 by 7 to resolve all of your queries. Always feel free to contact us we are always here for you
Delivery Service: We use Professional Courier to deliver all of our products to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Our delivery team must inform the Customer before the exact date of delivery and the courier driver also inform the customer before the arrival of the delivery. We properly up to date to our Customers to provide smooth delivery


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